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Quality is our top priority and our wedding cakes are also characterized by delicious taste and original appearance. You can choose from several types of corpus, fillings and mainly skins. Wedding cake will be exactly to your liking.

Prague wedding cakes

You can choose from types of corpus and fillings we offer to wedding cakes. Or you can tell us what you like. There is a possibility of having fake tiers to create really magnificient cakes.

Corpus (dough) of wedding cake:

Vanilla, Marble (mingle with bright and cocoa dough) Chocolate. Corpus at extra cost: Red velvet, hazelnut, coconut, carrot, honey.

Fillings of wedding cake:

    • Vanilla pudding with Cream,
    • A la cheesecake cream,
    • Mascarpone cream with dark / white chocolate,
    • Butter cream (made of real animal butter) lightweight by pudding – vanilla, chocolate,
    • Pistachio mascarpone cream,
    • Fruit mascarpone cream – strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, lemon,
    • Coconut cream,
    • Nougat cream
    • Caramel cream,
    • Hazelnut cream.

Fresh fruit to wedding cake:

Strawberry, raspberry, cherry, banana, pineapple… Price depends on the fruit season.

Skin of wedding cake:

We usually use fondant, on-demand marzipan (laborious, not so smooth and not pure white, rather yellowish). We do naked cakes and cakes coated with a cream. We also coated cakes by white or dark chocolate.

Favourite types of wedding cakes:

    • Chocolate corpus + Mascarpone cream with dark chocolate + strawberries
    • Vanilla corpus + A la cheesecake cream + strawberries
    • Vanilla corpus + Vanilla pudding with Cream
    • A la Pina Colada: Vanilla corpus + coconut cream + pineapple
    • A la Tiramisu: Vanilla corpus with rum and coffee + Vanilla mascarpone cream + Cocoa

We can make degustation sample for you  – CZK 35 / one portion.

We can do even gluten free, lactose free, diabetic, vegan and healthy fitness option ow wedding cakes.

Price of wedding cake

Send us your requirements to design with attached photo and we will send you a price quote.

Guide prices for wedding cakes:

    • Mini cakes – 1 portion CZK 130 (naked CZK 80)
    • 1 level wedding cake 
        • approx 6 portions CZK 600
        • approx 12 portions CZK 1300
        • approx 18 portions CZK 1650
    • 2 level wedding cake
        • approx 18 portions CZK 1800
        • approx 24 portions CZK 2500 – free delivery*
        • approx 30 portions CZK 3300 – free delivery*
    • 3 level wedding cake
        • approx 20 portions CZK 2700 – free delivery*
        • 30 – 40 portions CZK 4500 – free delivery*
        • 50 – 60 portions CZK 5500 – free delivery*
        • 70 – 80 portions CZK 6750 – free delivery*
        • 90 portions CZK 7650 – free delivery*
    • 4 level wedding cake (approx 100 portions) CZK 8500 – free delivery*
    • 5 level wedding cake (approx 100 portions) CZK 9000 – free delivery*

One portion of fondant cake takes 150-200g. Above prices are indicative and are provided only with a simple decoration of the wedding cake. Shaped figurines, fresh flowers or other demanding garnish will be determined on the basis of your request. If you send us a photo of the cake you like, we will send you a price quote.

*Free delivery in Prague – see more in Contacts.

The price of the wedding cake can raise Atypical cake, chocolate rolls, genuine marzipan, seasonal fruit, intricate ornamentation.

Gallery of our wedding cakes