Mini desserts and macarons

Svatební dort + cupcakes

Czech mini desserts, Italian Semifréda and delicious French macaroons. Popular sweets for the wedding.

Czech mini desserts

Popular mini cream puffs, cream rolls, cream wreaths, chocolate banana, Punch cake, vanilla rolls, chocolate rolls, fruit or nut cupcakes and meringues – price CZK 15. Minimum order is 10 pieces from one species.

Desserts in cup

We also offer desserts in the cup. Flavors: chocolate, vanilla, nougat, dolcelatte, caramel, hazelnut, pistachio, rafaello, Arancio, strawberry, banana, cappuccino, moncherry, vanilla with fruit jelly, Baileys with banana, tartufo chocolate, cinnamon, liqueur, cream with white chocolate, passion fruit, eggnog, harlequin, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, yogurt, tiramisu, almond, lime and curd.

Desserts in a large cup (about 220 grams) price form 39 CZK, mini desserts in a small cup (about 90 grams) from 23 CZK. Minimum order is 10 pieces from one species.

French macarons

We do macarons in several flavors – lemon, vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, strawberry and coconut. We color them with natural dyes, the colors are therefore soft pastel. Their almond flavor excels and taste of cream melt on the tongue. Price CZK 23. Minimum order is 10 pieces from one species.

We also wrap macarons as favors for your guests.

Wedding mini desserts

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