How many scones?

Wedding scones like wedding invitation

“Invitation” wedding scones are baked about eight weeks before the wedding to make timely given all guests – these scones should have at least three different flavors. Are usually given in 5 pieces (about 50-80 grams) per person.


Wedding scones for reception and party

In Czech Republic we use scones like table decoration and for sweet tooth. The general rule is: “The wedding for 50 guests need about 3-6 kilograms wedding scones.” It is approximately 4 to 8 scones per person.


Wedding favors

Scones like gifts for your guests in pretty boxes. It may be about 5 scones for person up to 1 kg for the whole family.

Our packings:

– Paper box of 250 to 500 grams,

– Paper basket 150-200 grams,

– Cellophane bag 80 to 200 grams.

Svatební výslužka - koláčky

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